My name is Chris Szymanski. I’m a Digital Designer and Creative Director with over a decade of experience located in South Florida.

Eat. Sleep. Design.

My love for aesthetic design fuels my passion for the subtle details of beautifully crafted products and experiences. I’m driven by that passion to design elegant and intuitive solutions that are meaningful and an experience that is world-class. My designs are minimal with an emphasis on typography and concise messaging.

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I’m always looking for new challenges and enjoy working with intelligent people. If you are interested in collaborating and creating something exciting together, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I'm currently available for hire or freelance projects.

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  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Responsive Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Illustrative Design
  • Print Design



People love what I do because it’s genuine and authentic. Clients know whenever I deliver a project, it will exceed expectations. My approach to design and problem solving is pure and holistic. I don’t use jargon or cliches when communicating or designing. I try to empathize with every situation I encounter and find beauty in everything. I strive to build and design meaningful products and experiences that excite users and empower brands. I stand by my work, and approach each project with a professional ethic and level of detail that is unique.


I strive to keep my designs simple and elegant, with minimal use of graphics or clutter, less is more. I utilize space and crisp typography to deliver clear and effective messaging. I employ design principles, theory and interaction patterns to guide overall aesthetics and usability. I'm heavily influenced by Swiss and Bauhaus design movement.


Usability is priority for every project. Every interaction should be instinctive and aesthetically pleasing. Each function or feature should be intuitive, natural and delight the user.

The user-centered design process is focused on how the product will be consumed and understood by the user. The end result is a beautifully designed product that delivers a great experience, and is meaningful to users. My empathetic approach of blending the project details and requirements as a whole, also satisfies stakeholders in the process. Building great experiences, builds great brands.

Knowledge and Passion.

I'm quite passionate about design and employ a wide variety of disciplines when designing digital products. My passion for design and knowledge of technology, enables me to work efficiently in a collaborative environment with creatives and developers alike. I strive to create world-class products that are meaningful and designs that are timeless. I take a great deal of pride in the quality of work I produce and I approach every job with same level of discipline and dedication.


Discovery and Research

The first step in any project is identify the main goals of the project; what problem we are actually trying to solve? Why are we doing it and will it be meaningful to users? Then create a plan and build a strategy to achieve those goals. Stakeholder requirements, a business plan and other project details are collected from which a creative brief is composed that will define the project scope and help guide the design process. Competitive research and market analysis is performed to determine the exact target audience and identify key competitors. Budget, infrastructure and technical requirements should also be considered during this phase to ensure the short and long term goals are feasible.

Information Architecture and Content Strategy

Once a plan is in place and we have a design brief, I can begin to structure the data and create a content strategy, essential steps in any project. Once the data and content needs of the project have been assessed, a sitemap or IA (a hierarchical diagram of all pages) is created. This visual diagram (or sitemap) will help us identify what pages need to be designed. We'll also get an understanding of the navigation and how the pages are inter-connected. I will also identify and diagram any user-flows that are required based on KPIs or conversion events that are critical to the project's success.

Wireframing, UX/IX Design and Prototyping

This is an important stage. Using the site map I design low-fi wireframes and prototypes for each page of the site. User interactions will be defined and sketched out to support the functionality that is required. We also identity KPIs and create the user-flows that support the conversion events. Global site elements such as the site navigation and periphery pages are also identified and prototyped. In some cases hi fidelity wireframes will be required using actual data or content to support real-world use cases. This allows us to identify any potential issues or problems before they are live, while saving a significant amount of time in the design phase should major changes be required.

Design Direction and Conceptualizing

With a deep understanding of our target audience and project goals, we now explore colors, fonts and other design elements that will define the brand. An element collage is created to show various design treatments for the content-types of the project. I will also begin to sketch out various ideas and work on logo concepts, while considering our color options. At this point, design elements should be visually consistent, cohesive, and properly convey the aesthetics of the brand which we defined earlier in the project.

Once those design elements are finalized and approved by stakeholders, style guides and brand manuals can be created. The guidelines define the appropriate use of color, font, logo types, etc. of the brand and the many applications of it. It can be a basic web style guide or a complete brand manual to support large corporate entities with many standards and guidelines.

Visual / UI Design

Our planning and research now comes together, as the visual design process begins. Using the wireframes, styles, typography and design concepts we established thus far, I'll design several hi-fidelity pages of the site. Any additional assets such as photos, artwork or iconography will also be introduced as well as art and photo direction. I'll analyze and refine my designs making any revisions needed to be sure it aligns with our goals. As this process continues, the brand begins to come alive as the visual design phase nears completion. Once stakeholders do a final review and are satisfied with the results, we can proceed and begin to prepare the product for final testing and launch.

Wait there's more?

That's a somewhat abbreviated version of my approach and design process, obviously there's much more that goes into each project. With 15 years of experience I have the design knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to create and launch a successful product, and build a powerful brand. Let us work together to create something exciting and beautiful, after all is that what it's all about. Making the world a beautiful place, one design at a time.

I deliver designs that deliver results.

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